The Inconvenient Mule is the online home of Tara and Daniel with occasional guest blogs. We regularly explore new areas of the Chilterns, celebrating the good food we find and the towns and villages we like. The blog also collects our personal musings -��see Tara’s Curiosity Shop & Dan’s dispatches.

View our new interactive map of the Chilterns to see blog posts, photos and recommendations of the places we’ve been.

We’ve also launched a Chilterns Events Calendar (July 2011), so you can see what’s coming up across the area. Let us know what’s going on.

We hope you enjoy the blog. Please leave comments on any posts or give us your thoughts on our feedback form,

Daniel & Tara

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there,

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  2. Hi both,
    Came across your site on some research and thought you may be able to help spread the word. I’m trying to track down a lost artist from Pinner…

    His name was Ray Cook and I saw him in an episode of Blue Peter, screened in the mid 70’s; he was showing a series of amazing miniature sculptures carved out of matchsticks, they were incredibly intricate. One of them was a ball and chain, the chain was articulated and the ball was the head of the unlit match!

    I am trying to track down any information on him for a film I am working on. The only leads I have are that he lived on Chamberlain way and that he suffered with arthritis, not much to go on so far! I am based in Cardiff, but will be back in Pinner over the next month to carry on this research. Any leads gratefully received, I can send an image of the sculptures if that might help/ be interesting

  3. Hi, I have taken over the Vinage bar in pinner, I hope you can find time to come down and have a look, maybe it will change you mind about the place or you give some points. Regards Alex

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