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Dancing with tea & cake

Tea Dance MaidToday we tried out one of Ragroof Theatre‘s 20s – 40s-themed tea dances at Finsbury Town Hall near Farringdon. We paid £6 each to get in and £1 for tea and cake, which they don’t tell you about explicitly, but which is well worth the money.

We arrived to find dancing already in progress, led by two chaps in white tie and various females in pseudo-period attire. The ballroom itself was superb, with all the moulding, angels and chandelierage one could desire. Either you got there early enough (or had friends who did…) and managed to bag a table or lurked around the edges of the room as near to the cake and booze as possible. As advertised, there was dancing for all levels of experience, with three very simple tutorials in the two-step, cha cha cha and passa doble interspersed with free-for-all rhumbas, foxtrots and waltzes. In addition, the dance leaders demonstrated some exciting routines and there was a very pleasant piano recital during High Tea.

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