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Live news channels on your Mac or PC for free: Livestation and Zattoo reviewed

Long have I been a news junkie and just as long have I yearned for a finer selection of news channels than I possess. Fine if you have satellite, limited if you don’t. Now, happily, it is possible to tune in to many leading TV news stations (and a few others) without it costing a penny in subscription.

Livestation is a fantastic application for Mac or PC which allows you to stream a number of TV channels to your PC. The quality in most cases isn’t bad. It’s not as good as broadcast TV, as you do get some pixelation when the screen is moving quickly, however on the whole its perfectly watchable. If you’re a lover of European or world news as am I, you’ll be similarly thrilled at the prospect of watching Euronews, DW-TV, France 24, Al Jazeera, and there’s even an ITN channel I never knew existed. All looking very fine in full screen on my laptop, and I reckon not bad when connected to the TV, although I’ve still to try this out.

Essentially you receive the main news channels you’d get if you had Sky, although I suspect many of these are also available with Freesat. Either way, now they’re available without the added house hardware of a dish and a decoder.

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