Improving the commute – Part 1: why we should care

I normally spend around an hour commuting to work and other back. Two hours of my day that are often spent in rather too cramped and close company with strangers than I would certainly choose to be. A bad commute can cause stress bearly before the day has begun or can ruin an evening. I’m a firm believer that commuters should take an active interest in this important part of their day and not sit by the passively British way when conditions are below standard.

For 3/4 of a year I’ve commuted from Rickmansworth to central London. On a good day it can be passable and tolerable. On a bad day it can be extremely long, awfully crowded and thoroughly uncomfortable. Now, I’ve commuted from a good few places in London in the past and have become used to busy, basic inner-London commuter trains. However, moving beyond the boundaries of London made me hope that a better commute would accompany the other improvements in living standard. So far I’ve not been impressed.

My feeling is that the service could and should be better. While changing the status quo with large transport operators is unlikely to ever be easy, this does not put me off trying. After all, if we don’t make our grievences known, why should we expect anything to change? Action may not produce quick results, but fighting our corner and arguing for a decent service can only help going forward.

A big part in making an argument is to be informed and empowered. Most commuters may be all too familiar with their own commute but are likely unaware how it compares with commutes on other, similar routes. Perhaps if they did they’d feel all the more compelled to taking action. Many facts and figures that would assist a campaign aren’t made very public friendly, however they are out there if you know where to look.

In this series of blog posts I’m going to try to better empower other commuters to make their views known and hopefully also reveal just how good or bad commuters in Rickmansworth and the local area actually have it.

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One thought on “Improving the commute – Part 1: why we should care

  1. Love the blog.

    I work in central London and actually cycle as often as I can as I can’t bear the fact that I always end up being crammed onto a tiny seat alongside someone who either has a permanent attack of the sniffles or the irrepressible desire to elbow me every 47 seconds!

    Sadly I can’t see how the new trains we’re getting soon- with fewer seats is going to improve things.

    However, having said all that, I can’t help feeling that the service seems to be a lot better than it was a decade ago when I started taking the Met into London. It seems to fail less often than I remember it doing – especially in the evening.


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