Looking ahead to 2010

It’s been a while since I posted to the blog, although it’s due to workload rather having something to write. In a blink of an eye we’ve gone from putting up the Christmas tree to having reached the end of the year. Time then, I reckon, for a look ahead at what 2010 may lay in store…

Our personal highlight will be our wedding, which will feature heavily in the first half of 2010. There’s still much to plan, people to invite, but we reckon it’ll be a fantastic day and, if we admit it, chance to see many friends and family we don’t see at all often enough.

Part of the wedding process of course is arranging the honeymoon. We’re still looking at the options as the typical sun-drenched Caribbean beach isn’t really our thing. Residing in the lap of luxury will certainly go down nicely, but we’d like some points of interest in the area and some local cuisine to sample. Suggestions are welcome.

Another travel development that I’m looking forward to is the opening up of competition through the Channel Tunnel, of which direct trains to Germany look to be on the cards. I’m a big fan of Germany and the train would be a great way of getting there, especially when it’s operated by German Railways which I suspect which finally show us Brits how travelling by train should be.

While I think about it, this time next year we should be seeing some of the new Metropolitan Line trains in service. Perhaps it sounds sad but when you travel on it 10 times a week, the service does become of some interest, and sometimes rather obsessively so. In the case of the currently, bouncy, squeaking, worn out trains we have to endure any improvement is going to be very welcome.

Every year we always pledge to go to more gigs, shows or events. Well we’ve nothing lined up so far but post-Wedding I quite fancy updating my camera equipment and if this stretches to a nice telephoto lens a trip to an airshow or two might be on the cards to put it through its paces. We’re similarly poor at getting around to seeing interesting exhibitions at the many fine London museums, however if the recent Anglo-Saxon horde makes it to the likes of the British Museum I think we’ll certainly be making a look in.

I’ve seen some mention of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics that are taking place in February. It probably comes from the general absence of proper winter weather in this country that I do enjoy these trials of snow and ice and rather more so than a football event I’ve heard is taking place later in the year.

Moving onto Springtime and we’ll have the General Election at some point and it looks like all of the parties will be slogging it out for every vote, which is as it should be. I don’t mind saying that I enjoy a good election. Politicians have had a not entirely undeserved rough ride this past year but I do hope it doesn’t overshadow the importance of voting.

I should have already mentioned the tech I’m looking forward to in 2010. At time of writing the hype around the supposed Apple Tablet continues to build and I’ll certainly be in the market if they put out a quality product. At the same time thought I’m no less interested to know what the next generation iPhone will offer. The competition is now offering devices that happily run apps in the background and Apple will have to step up to the bar and do the same if they’re to stay ahead of the pack. Knowing Apple they may well raise the bar; they’ll certainly need more than another minor hardware upgrade such as with the 3GS.

And I reckon that’s plenty to keep me going for now. Actually the wedding will do that in itself; the rest is just a bonus.

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One thought on “Looking ahead to 2010

  1. I just wanted to wish you the very best for your wedding. I’ll be doing my own 2009/2010 summary at some point on NYE before the big countdown too so it’s good to see others doing the same thing via their blogs.

    Wishing you both the very best for 2010 :)

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