Tiggy the Troublesome

We bought Tiggy, our new hamster, a giant cage, thinking that as a young ham she would be running about all over the place and getting into all kinds of scrapes and fixes. She has two levels, a wheel, a log with holes in it and a length of tube that takes her outside her cage and in again. She’s a very well provided-for hamster.

To begin with, she set up camp in one corner of the base level, which was okay¬† because we could at least see her, even though she wasn’t very interactive. Dan and I have literally read every website and book on baby hamster taming we can get our hands on this week to figure out how to get our silver-haired little monkey beast not to flee us in fear – all to no avail.

Eventually, she moved herself into a blue plastic house that came with the cage. This made the situation even worse, because she then wouldn’t come out during our waking hours. We had some success on Thursday, when we moved her house (with her in it) to the base level, then took off the upper level and the cage itself and waited for her to emerge. We put fencing around the base so she couldn’t high-tail it out of Dodge when our backs were turned. We managed to get her out of the house and she did a bit of scuttling about to her water bottle and sat on the top of the base a couple of times thinking about whether to venture into the new lands below.

Then we had a bright idea. We removed the house. She has plenty of darkened space under the mezzanine level, a log and the corners to hide in, but at least we’d be able to keep an eye on her. What actually happened was that she moved wholesale into her tubing. Can’t lure her out, can’t clean her out and can’t handle her to tame her. Big fat fail.

It’s hamster night time now, so we’ll have to wait til later to see what can be done.

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