An inconvenient introduction

Sleeper train cabinAll blogs have to begin somewhere, and with one as ill thought through and diffuse in aim as this one an introduction to get things rolling was never going to prove an easy task. Yet, perhaps blogs are best left to their own devices and the meandering thoughts and whims of their authors. The two authors here can all but guarantee a fine degree of eclectic, meandering line of thought on a dumbfoundingly broad range and scope of subjects. True, some of the topics chosen may prove to be more dumb than dumbfounding, however we have aspirations towards thought-provoking content here, so do bear with us on our forages into making our mark on the blogosphere.

We’re getting this website up and running following our return from the splendid, if at this time of year bracing, climes of the South-Western tip of England. It’s a fine area; home to costal towns with still active fishing fleets, outrageously narrow lanes and streets, and as we gradually discovered the inspiration for the teenager supreme-chav of Vicky Pollard from Little Britain. Okay, that latter point doesn’t add to the attraction of the area but it proved a point of note, along with the near ubiqitous doggie water bowls by shop doors.

In order to reach this distant tip of our land we took the recently refurbished sleeper train. I like to think this mode of transport is one of the few that still holds a faint aroma of the golden age of travel so enticingly portrayed in the likes of Agatha Christie television adaptations. I’m sure it remains a far cry from the opulence of the Orient Express, yet departing from the still resplendent Paddington Station plays its part, as does the fine and friendly service, including breakfast laid on with the wake-up call an hour before we pulled into Penzance. I can think of no preferable way of traversing the distance.

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