Festive cheer on the tube

High spirits, aside from those alcohol induced, seems a rare thing on the tube, however Christmas cheer was definitely in the air on a particular Jubilee line train this afternoon. Not only was the extremely cheerful train driver recommending everyone to renew their travel passes before the 2nd January when the annual price hike comes into effect (meaning an extra £10 per month for yours truly), but we were all given a friendly “Merry Christmas” as we disembarked. A glass of mulled wine to the driver – once he’s off duty, of course!

Perhaps the driver had seen this advert, now prevalent on the tube:


No it’s not advertising Ann Summers or similar, but Head & Shoulders shampoo. Just how or why shampoo is linked to matters of a kinky nature I have no clue, but it catches your attention which is undoubtedly the point of the exercise.

Speaking of advertising exercises, another poster that’s been ubiquitous around the undergound of late has been the unexplained Oohgle:


Unfortunately, whereas some odd adverts can prove to be of interest, amusement, advertising some curiosity or being an act of sheer randomness, if you Google Oohgle it’ll offer a paid for Adwords link, taking you to a website promoting marketing and offering some uninteresting credits at a Coca Cola store for those stumbling on the site such as myself. No doubt by visiting the site I have helped prove their point that advertising even without a definite URL will result in curious searches. Although I’d be interested to know just how many Londoners were curious enough to visit the Oohgle site I do nevertheless hate being a sucker to advertising.

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