Continuing our exploration of the local towns and villages we today headed out for a short visit to Berkhamsted. Conveniently located around a half-hour’s drive away on the A41, I noticed good write-ups of the town while browsing reviews of areas on the Channel 4′s Relocation Relocation map of the best and worst places to live in the country. Berkhamsted repeatedly appeared in comments of Dacorum district as a bustling market town with an art deco cinema and as with Rickmansworth is located by the Grand Union canal.

In comparison to towns I’m familiar with, Berkhamsted reminded me a good deal of Kendal, from my own neck of the woods in South Lakeland. Both are historic market towns, abuzz on market day and full of family owned and boutique shops, with a ruined castle on the outskirts. It’s seems relatively uncommon to find a town these days that doesn’t have an homogenous high street of the same chain shops. Smaller towns can escape this curse. Rickmansworth does to a good extent and although only marginally larger in size, Berkhamsted has a far larger high street but retains a commendable proportion of independent shops.

A particular highlight for me was Berkhamsted’s art deco cinema, the Rex. The exterior is rather low-key; the majority of it advertising the Gatsby restaurant. The side of the building provides a discrete entrance to the cinema, and inside a stylish bar and box office awaits. Interestingly, the evening showings at the cinema appeared to largely booked up for some weeks in advance; a good sign of local support of their local independent cinema.

There was much we didn’t cover on our few hours in Berkhamsted. We didn’t reach the castle and if the websites about the town are anything to go by there’s plenty more points of interest. Here are some websites that cover what’s worth including in a visit:

This is also the 100th post to the mule. Thanks to all of you who have been visiting and commenting the site over the past 15 months.

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2 thoughts on “Berkhamsted

  1. Splendid little write-up and a nice blog. I’ve only been to Berkhamstead once as part of narrow boat holiday on the Grand Union. Seemed like a great little town. Now I’m retired I will go an explore again.

  2. tiny …sshhh that is not just the oldest shop in Berko, but actually the oldest shop (or commercial property) in the country …though the is no sign shouting about it.

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