Haché again for Christmas burgers

A month ago we visited Haché in Camden to try out what was rated as the best burgers in London by TimeOut. Although a reasonable experience we left unconvinced by the claim. Today, finding ourselves again in Camden we decided to give Haché a try to see if it faired any better than in November.

It was mid-afternoon and busy, if not quite full, however the irregularity of the appearance of staff made it feel rather busier than it should have. Indeed once again the food proved passable but the service noticably below par. We both opted for the special Christmas Burger, comprising turkey, stuffing, rocket and onions with the option of cranberry and / or bread sauce, and we plumped for chunky chips on the side.

The burgers arrived in reasonably good time, no problem there, and we were promised the imminent arrival of the chips. However the chips didn’t arrive, and on inspection the burger lacked the promised sauces. Having finally collared a serving wench and eventually conveying what we were lacking, without really being sure she understood a word we were saying, the remainder of our meal eventually appeared some 10 minutes or so after we’d received the burgers. This is entirely unacceptable service; indeed I never really felt convinced that the staff were even on top of managing the tables they were theoretically serving. Good burgers or not, a restaurant wins or loses and the service, and Haché was proving very much deficient thus far.

Let us then proceed to the burgers themselves. Neither of us had ever tried turkey burgers and we were eager; especially eager after 10 minutes of unneccessary waiting; to try it out. There was a good amount of turkey will stuffing on top and the rocket and onion underneath with some mayo. We both tried each sauce to get the full flavour experience and … well … it was unanimously rated ‘all right’ or ‘nothing special’. The flavours just weren’t there. The stuffing, while discernible didn’t infuse the burger with the extra taste we were hoping for. Pleasant – certainly, outstanding – far from it.

As a concept for a burger, the turkey Christmas dinner theme is a fine one that we had high hopes for. Unfortunately, and rather reflecting our experience a month ago, the much hyped burgers once again proved to be little more than an agreeable but far from outstanding experience. The service really put the nails in the coffin as to whether we’d consider trying Haché again. The search for the finest burger in London must surely go on.

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