I was entertaining my parents this weekend and having given them a book of local walks they opted for a circular walk of the countryside from Heronsgate. This was a good choice as we’d not been to Heronsgate before and I was keen to see what was there. Google maps seem to indicate many large houses with swimming pools, whereas Beerintheevening highlights a CAMRA pub.

We parked on the road near the two pubs and headed on a walk, which due to some slightly off navigation took us past a farm with some attractive old buildings.

Historic farm house

Historic barn

The walk took us down to Bottom Wood, which if the greenery on the ground is anything to go by will be an astounding bluebell wood in a few weeks time. We spotted a variety of wildlife (including a twittering Skylark) and signs of other wildlife (including a badger set).

Circular walk in countryside near Heronsgate

Back in Heronsgate at the end of our enjoyable 3 mile wander, we tried out the pubs. The CAMRA pub it transpired doesn’t do Sunday lunch, so we headed to the Stag where we had received a warm welcome and reasonable pub food.

Sunday Roast at the Stag pub, Heronsgate

Heronsgate seemed like a pleasant corner of Chorleywood, amongst some pleasing countryside. On another occasion we might make a longer trip to the area to see if there’s more on offer in Heronsgate itself. The CAMRA pub is tempting but less so when you have to drive to it; ruling out making a day of trying out the ales of offer. Ho-hum.

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One thought on “Heronsgate

  1. Hi – I am moving from Harrow to Chesham and think this is a great and informative blog, keep up the good work !

    With regards to the “CAMRA” pub this is the “The Land of Liberty, Peace & Plenty” if you like good beer it is well worth searching out. It is a bit out of the way but it is reachable from Chorleywood tube – About 20 mins albeit uphill ! There are (very infrequent ) buses from Rickmansworth that drop you off at the Stag. With a real fire in the winter and some very well kept beer it has got to be one of the best pubs (for beer) in the area.

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