Delisserie, Hatch End

Delisserie, Hatch End
Delisserie, Hatch End

Hatch End high street is a funny yet appealing place, containing as it does a preponderance of home furnishing stores and restaurants. Following an arduous day of sales shopping it was time to try out one of the many eating options on offer. Having already tried Hatchetts (intrigingly 70’s appearance and clientele) and ASK (good service and surrounds from this chain) it was time to try another option.

We decided upon Delisserie, a spot we’d already marked out due to its breakfast and lunch offerings, although on this occasion it was an evening meal we were in much need of. The menu is a largely meat-based affair with central European influences. Dishes range from steaks and burgers to salted beef and Hungarian goulash to substantial deli sandwiches. The speciality is the salt beef, which although new to us is, as I understand it, broadly similar to jerk or corned beef, albeit prepared in a different way.

The interior was bright in a comfortable American diner-esque style while very agreeable art deco paintings liberally adorn the walls. The image is very clean (we assume this branch of Delisserie has recently opened) yet welcoming with it. The staff were friendly, quick and efficient; definitely full marks there, and a complete contrast to Haché we visited a few weeks ago (see below in the Restaurant reviews section).

On to the food, it was the very generous helpings you’d expect from a diner-style restaurant. The salt beef and wiener platter was brimming with meat and a heap of fries on the side. Tara’s burger was a fine, yet manageable size and the bowl of fries on the size was as full as could be. There was limited garnish, largely limited to a tomato, however we had no issue with this. Tara found her burger to be more tender than that of Haché and somewhat cheaper. My platter of meat was a feast to behold. It was my first experience of salt beef, and although I prefer the more traditional roast beef, it was a fine dish and was heartily filled at the end of it. Yet still we found room for dessert…

Salt beef and wiener sausage platter with burger behind
Salt beef and wiener sausage platter with burger behind

Fortunately the tables around us gave us some inkling as to the delights to expect from the dessert menus as great wedges of cheese cake and apple pie were being shuttled around the restaurant. This was an opportunity for pudding which we were by no means about to pass up. While in many restaurants the dessert menu can be rather lack-lustre, with few options appealing, here I would be quite happy returning to trying every dish available. In the end we opted for the cheese cakes; Strawberry and New York baked; both extremely tasty and recommended. Next time the brownie, apple pie or one of the other delicious sounding puds will definitely be tried out.

On the whole this was a extremely impressive experience. Good food (and plenty of it), great service, enjoyable surrounds; all that we could have asked for to restore ourselves from a day of shopping. We’d highly recommend Delisserie and with other branches in Mill Hill and Temple Fortune, north London residents have several options.

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