The best hamburger in London?

Haché burgerWho says advertising doesn’t work? While reviewing the Time Out London website for what’s on suggestions for the weekend my attention was drawn by a review of the best burgers in London. Having browsed the reviews and lazily opted for the higher scoring options we chose to settle for the most conveniently located option, Hache, round the corner from Camden Town tube. This choice was aided not least by a extremely tempting product photo:

So how did it fare?

<p>Hache’s interior is an unconventional one by burger restaurant standards. Lighting is relatively subdued and the chandeliers and wooden beams are a far cry from the brightly lit chains of GBK and its ilk, which met with our group’s approval. The burger prices aren’t untypical; most around £8.50 mark with chips, and an option of chunky chips, wedges and fries, being £2.50 or so extra. Unlike many a burger outlet the burger was cooked to request; our group generally favouring medium-rare and medium which seemed to be cooked nicely enough. I opted for the the picture burger, Le Sicilian. I enjoyed the tenderness of the meat and the toppings, although my view was that it wasn’t as flavoursome as burgers I’d tried from elsewhere. Tara had the Le Mexicain (Cajun Spices, Salsa, Guacamole, Red Kidney beans) but was unimpressed by the unusual taste of the guacamole and the absence of sour cream</p><p>Time Out gave Hache 5 out of 6. We wouldn’t have been quite as generous, opting instead for 4/6. It’s worth a visit for the atmosphere but it certainly falls short of any ‘best burger’ accolade in our view. </p>

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