The Fat Aubergine

A new café has recently opened on Ricky High Street, adding another option to lunching options. We already have Cinnamon Square and Brown Sugar established as firm lunch time favourites on the High Street, with Neros for coffee and snacks and Cafe in the Park at the Aquadrome. So how does this latest contender fare against the existing choices?

The Fat Aubergine makes much of its shakes and smoothies. There’s a bewildering variety, although Brown Sugar already offers a strong selection. As with Brown Sugar there are several menus around which makes it trickier to make a choice than perhaps it should. We both intended to have dairy free options and went for fruit smoothies and shakes, however missing the small print from each menu ended up with yoghurt and a milk shake respectively! They were tasty enough, but you don’t necessarily want to have to spend a good deal of time reading to make a simple choice.

We were more disappointed by the food, which is already prepared and not made to order as in Cinnamon Square or Brown Sugar. This meant that some of the choices were already sold out, and we felt there were relatively few fresh options available; something the competition does well.

On the whole, although it’s nice to see new businesses on the High Street, we didn’t feel Fat Aubergine offered anything that wasn’t already available from other cafés. It’s not the easiest of markets either, as Cinnamon Square uses its award winning homemade breads and is better than ever in its recently expanded form, while Brown Sugar’s deli format offers a superior selection of fresh food. For the moment at least we’re likely to stay with our current regular favourites for weekend lunches.

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5 thoughts on “The Fat Aubergine

  1. Being an apostrophobe, I couldn’t have set foot in the place.
    I wonder how much they paid their sign-writer for “Tea’s” and “Coffes” ?

  2. I would like to thank the person who left the above review “The Inconvenient Mule” because of it’s comments we went into the shop for a coffee and sandwich, and were very surprised with the standard of the food, cleanliness and how helpful the staff seemed to be. It is about time Rickmansworth a a good old fashion sandwich bar. With the amount of hairdressers, estate agents and nail bar’s. I really cannot see why someone would feel the need to post this sort of review.

    We have now been transformed into The Fat Aubergine customers and will be singing their praise.

    I know where I will be holding our next school coffee morning!

  3. I wonder if ‘New Customer’ has ever been to any of the other other sandwich bars (e.g. Brown Sugar or the one next to the grocer’s) in Rickmansworth? I certainly wouldn’t call the Fat Aubergine ‘old fashioned’. It’s all chrome and no character.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, of course (as is anyone else who would like to post a review). Might I suggest Cinnamon Square for your school coffee morning, however? Or possibly on a future occasion – then you’ll be able to see the difference.

    Jules, have you spotted the apostrophe connection?

    1. Went into The Fat Aubergine today for the first time, to add some variety to my usual M&S lunching.
      They had a great selection of salads that were freshly prepared in front of me.
      Healthier & more varied than Cinnamon Square’s salads, which are delicious but laden with mayonnaise.

      I’ll be going back soon to try out the rest of them.

  4. Have been into Cinnamon Square and other coffee shops in Riki High Street and the service doesn’t come anywhere close to the service my family and I receive at The Fat Aubergine. It means a lot to me but especially my children, who are always looked after with colouring sheets and crayons and a free lolly on their way out. It wouldn’t be natural if we all thought the same but in my opinion customer service goes a long way. C

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