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Defining a decade

We’ve been watching a programme on BBC3 called ‘The noughties – was that it?” I do enjoy these retrospectives of an era; the ‘I love the 80s’ series was, to my mind,  something of a nostalgia epic. Comparisons are naturally drawn as to which was the most momentous, influential, stylish, and cultural decade that really left its stamp on the years.

At present it seems difficult to put a finger on the noughties, although perhaps it’s not possible to do so while we’re still living through it. It’s almost certainly too soon for any sense of nostalgia to have developed and it’ll likely also take us a while yet to be able to define what has marked the times in which we’ve been living.

Typically for a BBC3 effort the series is rather celeb based (although perhaps also an indicator of the time in itself?) of which I can claim to hold only limited interest. Nevertheless in areas of lifestyle we can probably say we’ve seen the early stages of some technological revolutions during the noughties. At the start of the decade the internet was picking up a head of steam, yet most users still languished on dial-up and it had yet to reach across the whole age demographic.

Nowadays shopping or bidding in auctions on the internet is very much mainstream. We might still go to a bookshop, or we might just as likely go on Amazon. Looking for something hard to find? No end of people will suggest to look on Ebay. The online has not replaced the offline, which I suspect most would agree is a good thing, as both offer pros and cons, but the internet does offer potential and possibilities never before dreamt of.

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