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Britons and sun: slightly sad?

It’s arguably the first day of spring (although some might take the stance that the onset of BST later thisstupidsummer month better signals the change of seasons). Digging and planting of the vegetable patch can begin. It was even fittingly mild and sunny today, in defiance of the weather forecast.

What I find hilarious is that, at the meerest hint of sun, the British go slightly insane as they rush to take advantage of the miracle of warmth. Had we gone to Green park, no doubt there would have been a few people in the deckchairs in hats and overcoats eating strawberries.

It wasn’t particularly warm last summer, as some of you may recall. On the days that were, the hordes took to the parks in skimpy outfits to frolic with frisbies and partake of picnics and Pimm’s. Fair enough, in August.

We went shopping today and found that, despite it only being 10 degrees or so, the outdoor tables of all the cafes in Harrow were full and there was something of a continental atmosphere. Has nobody heard of global warming? It’s not like we won’t get actual, proper sun sometime later this year. Why sit out in the cold for the sake of making it seem like spring or summer? You’re sitting out there in winter coats, people!

I just think it’s a little silly. We sat inside.

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