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Dara Cottage in the snow


15.42: Brief light flurries periodically since 10am, but nothing more significant. Reading the weather warnings, however, encourages hope of 15cm over night, which would be pretty amazing for North London. Let’s get out there and do a snow dance, people! Dan’s successfully managed to light the fire and it’s definitely making a difference.

15.54: Snow clouds gathering – you can tell by their slightly yellowy-grey appearance. I hope.

16.01: A flurry! Let’s see how long this one lasts…

16.06: So that was five minutes, then. It looked quite promising for a moment, there. We need more cloud cover.

16.36: Here we go again…

17.37: Very dark down our little close now, so harder to keep track of possible snowfall.

18.33: Hmm… should have started by now.


09.12: Tons of the stuff. Judging by the bin lids, we have 10-12cm. Neither of us need/can go to work because the schools are shut, the entire bus network has been withdrawn and the tube is considerably broken (Londophoto-0015n is ridiculously bad at dealing with any kind of severe weather). And it’s still snowing!

09.56: Dan’s going to make an attempt to get into work via the overground.

10.18: It’s stopped actively snowing, but more forecast for later. Amused to see the report that Harrow Council have used up 25% of their annual grit allowance over the last 24 hours.

12.17: Right, enough of this sitting around watching Mamma Mia. Shall get dressed and then go and romp in the snow for a bit. Fire blazing merrily and only slight snowfall outside.

13.28: Just been out to make a snow Roman (see pic on the right). I’ve never actually made a snow man before! Leaves came in handy to make the laurel wreath. It’s started snowing again.

Better do something useful. Snow tipping out of the sky, which’ll hopefully be so substantial that we’ll have to have tomorrow off as well!

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