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Since we’ve moved to Rickmansworth we’ve predominantly shopped in the two supermarkets nearest to us: Waitrose and M&S Food. There’s certainly no knocking the quality of either, however with our wedding in the planning and much to save between now and then we’ve been looking at options for saving money. Now that we’ve finally got ourselves a car, the number of new shopping options has opened up to us, as had the whole concept of doing a weekly shop.

For our first weekly shop we took a friend’s recommendation and visited the Tesco in Amersham. It’s larger than any supermarket in Rickmansworth and has a rather superior ambience than the Tesco in Ricky. Certainly you can get just about everything there. We stocked up good and proper. 60 items for £101. Average price £1.68. Seems like a good start, food quality was fine and Tesco really promotes itself on cost, so how does it compare?

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