Essential apps for UK iPhone users part 1: WeatherPro

Having spent the past few weeks tracking down the best apps to integrate it best into my life, I can now start recommending some of the must have iPhone apps. As a British iPhone user I’m specifically looking at iPhone apps from a UK perspective. A great many apps simply aren’t relevant for day-to-day use in the UK, however they’re still featured in the UK app store on the basis that should you travel to that part of the world it would come in handy. It would be nice at some stage for some form of regional filter to be added to iTunes to help separate the wheat from the chaff. However until that happens it’s down to iPhone users to recommend the best apps to each other for their own country or part of the world.

The British are renown for liking to debate their oft altering weather, so let’s have a look at the best app for UK and indeed European weather forecasts. Having read the reviews of a number of the weather apps available in the apps store it becomes clear that the majority are North America-centric and offer limited if any UK and European coverage. Fortunately, as we’ll be discovering throughout this review of apps, there are some absolute gems of apps available for those who seek them out.

Free apps are unsurprisingly the most popular downloads from the app store, however some apps are worth forking out for, which is just what I decided to do with our first app under review…

WeatherPro location weather overview
WeatherPro location weather overview

1. WeatherPro

Don’t get me wrong, the standard weather app that comes with the iPhone isn’t bad; it offers plenty of locations and provides an at-a-glance forecast for the days ahead. Grand. However for a weather-focused culture such of ours, do we not hanker after something more? Just that bit more detail. “Ooh, wind’s got up, hasn’t it… And with that wind-chill it must be -2C … Could do with setting the mercury … and know if the weather front will reach us later”. All these questions are more can be answered with WeatherPro (link to app on iTunes.) Currently at £2.39 it’s not the cheapest app, but as its no.1 in weather apps on the UK app store attests, this is an app worth having.

Locations are available for even the smallest of villages, with the overview showing the forecast for the week ahead. There’s no shortage in meteorological data as the screen shot indicates. For the days ahead the weather is broken into 3-hour blocks offering an excellent degree of detail. I find the chance of precipitation to be the key stat when I’m making plans.

Beyond the standard forecast WeatherPro also offers Radar and Satellite images, both available as a multi-frame animation, detailing how the conditions have been developing. The radar offers great detail of the British Isles whereas the satellite imagery is at a European level. This app has European meteorological data at its heart, so the coverage of Europe is everything you’d hope. This really makes WeatherPro stand out compared to most other weather apps, where European coverage is a tacked on after-thought.

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2 thoughts on “Essential apps for UK iPhone users part 1: WeatherPro

  1. Thanks for the interesting review – I agree the original weather app is ok but it’s not very accurate

    I have been hunting for an app that has good UK coverage and you have convinced me with this. I shall try it out whilst on holiday in the Cotswolds this week.

    Thanks for the review!

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