Hotmail on iPhone for free – how to

The iPhone gives options for syncing with several e-mail services and systems but does lack the very widely used Hotmail service.

From the App Store, MyBoxMail offers Hotmail but for a hefty price-tag (by App standards) of £5.99 for what should really be a basic service on the iPhone. So the question is whether you can get Hotmail on your iPhone for free, and the answer is a resounding YES.

For some time I’ve been using the GMX webmail service, as it includes the superb function of collective mail from other e-mail accounts, including web services such as Hotmail. It’s well designed, feature-full and works really well as a means of checking your e-mail accounts from a single point. Checking Hotmail with GMX is easy and it works, simply.

Although Hotmail don’t offer servers for syncing your iPhone with, GMX does. So once your GMX account is set up to check your Hotmail account, all that is left to do is sync the iPhone with GMX. Follow these instructions for syncing iPhone & iPod Touch and you’re away. Hotmail appears as a folder within the GMX mailbox.

Best of all – it’s free, as it should be.

Update March 2009: following a change to the set-up of GMX ensure that the ‘authentication’ setting for your GMX account is set as ‘password’ rather than MD5 which was previously the case.

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One thought on “Hotmail on iPhone for free – how to

  1. Great. When? I never knew I had a set up to check my Hotmail account all that is left to do is sync the iPhone with GMX GMX account.

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