iPhone 5 – benefits of the larger screen

The new iPhone 5 was released a few weeks ago. Despite the enormous initial uptake, many people have yet to see the handset and may be wondering how it compares with previous models. The larger screen isn’t necessarily so obvious, as the screen takes up more of the handset’s length, in addition to the unit being slightly longer also, however the net result is a pleasingly larger area to work with. What better than to make some direct comparisons:

Gameplay of Air Supremacy benefits from a wider viewing area with more space to use controls

Articles in Flipboard can fit more text on screen – 11 lines compared to 7 on the 4S….

20120925-200559.jpg 20120925-200617.jpg

…while there’s a couple of extra topics viewable on screen at once.

Of course perhaps the biggest benefit from the larger iPhone 5 screen is the new 16:9 ration – meaning viewing video now uses every pixel of the screen.

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