Tweetdeck for iPhone – follower management finally goes mobile

Tweetdeck has long been one of the most highly regarded Twitter management applications, offering the ability to break down your Tweets of your followers by groups.

Although a single Twitter timeline can be manageable initially, an increase in users you follow can quickly lead to many posts being missed. Twitter users also typically contact users with a variety of shared interests and before long the a need develops to group users by theme enabling more efficient tracking of conversations and highlighting the posts of users of most interest. This is where Tweetdeck steps in; offering the best grouping and management of Twitter timelines currently available.

Naturally Tweetdeck developed as an application for desktop computers but has now, at last, made the jump to iPhone, allowing the same level of timeline management on the go. Best of all, the desktop and mobile versions sync with each other, ensuring the same groups are available on both devices.

I find Tweetdeck invaluable, not least as it now also supports multiple Twitter accounts. Although the number of users I follow on my Twitter accounts are in the low hundreds at most, I have long been at the stage where I’ve felt the need to group those I follow. It’s particularly necessary when following a combination of news feeds and ‘real users’. Feeds often tend to flood your Twitter timeline by sending out multiple stories and Tweets at the same time. Although interesting I place greater weight on closely following the Tweets of real people, be they colleagues, locals, friends or others with shared interests. In Tweetdeck I set up groups for each type and separate them from the news feeds. Although this makes for several group timelines to keep up with, Tweetdeck does a fine job of noting which have updates and in most cases each timeline will have a perfectly manageable number of updates. Posts aren’t missed, content is effectively managed. Result.

I won’t give Tweetdeck for iPhone too thorough a review as it’s free and if you use Twitter you should try it and use it, simply. What I will say is compared to Tweetie which I’ve been using until a few days ago I’m really benefiting from the caching of Tweets. As my commute involves above and below ground travel, I can download the latest Tweets while there’s a signal and continuing reading them while underground. Love it. As with its desktop counterpart Tweetdeck for iPhone is extremely well put together and works smoothly and slickly. Having come from Tweetie, which is generally regarded as one of the best iPhone Twitter apps I’m suprised how little I have to suggest in the way of improvement. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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One thought on “Tweetdeck for iPhone – follower management finally goes mobile

  1. I’ve been giving the iPhone app a whirl for the last few days, and I must say I’m impressed. I’d go so far as to say I actually prefer it at the minute, given my desktop Tweetdeck’s decision to mess around and continually tell me about tweets I’ve already read. Hopefully that’ll be resolved soon.

    But as I say, I am finding the iPhone app very useful and a much better alternative to the paid-for programs already on the market.

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