Hotel Oud Huis Amsterdam, Bruges, Belgium

Hotel room, Oud Huis Amsterdam
Hotel room, Oud Huis Amsterdam

The mule has just returned from five days in Belgium. We chose Bruges as our base and enjoyed four nights in Hotel Oud Huis Amsterdam, situated in a historic building overlooking one of the city’s trademark canals. We first eyed up the hotel as one of the many options offered by Eurostar in its train + hotel deals. There’s no shortage of hotel options for Bruges, however the sumptuous looking yet traditional surrounds of Oud Huis Amsterdam (henceforth OHA) won us over.

We had done our bit of research first, however, and noticed that the recent reviews on TripAdvisor were all glowing. This was very much our experience too. Our room was located in what appeared to be a relatively new extension added to the first floor, yet still part of the main building with views over the canal. The room was spacious, offering a blend of tradition, modernity and comfort that worked very successfully. Wooden beams sat aside glass tables and comfortable chairs in an ensemble that seemed inspired yet effortless. The tiled bathroom appeared at once to be clean and nicely appointed, with a stone style finish that retained an air not out of keeping with the rest of the room.

The rest of the hotel favoured traditional charm but with comfortable fittings throughout. Our highlight was the lounge with a roaring log-style fire; a nightly favourite reading spot. The breakfast room was rather farmhousey owing to its wooden interior and offered a fine selection of hot and cold food in the buffet and excellent strong coffee to infuse guests with caffeine in the morning.

Although the OHA gave the impression of being run on a light staffing given the time of year, service with very good throughout and always on hand be it in reception, at breakfast or to order evening drinks in the lounge. The hotel is located around ten minutes walk to the north-east of the Markt, so nicely central enough if a bit of a walk from the station. There are cafes and restaurants within the immediate area of the hotel and reception staff were able to suggest some fine local eateries. On the whole, a thoroughly enjoyable experience and a hotel I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others. D

By the fire in Oud Huis Amsterdam hotel, Bruges
By the fire in Oud Huis Amsterdam hotel, Bruges

You have to bear in mind, though, the OHA is a half-hour walk from the station and the route *ain’t* direct, either.

Bruges doesn’t have straight roads – it has lots of square-stoned wiggly roads with signposts that only point to hotels, not to actual landmarks of note or usefulness.

Dan’s quite right to effuse, however. The hotel reminded me a bit (this next might sound unlikey, but there you go) of where I lived for two years at university. It, like the roads of Bruges, wiggles all over the place, passing odd staircases and spanning many different levels. The corridor carpet is simply divinely red and many-colour striped and you feel it’s like the yellow brick road, leading you off to all manner of lovely places, past antique prints and unused chairs.

Our room was ever so nice. As many other reviews have said, the best place to be is definitely on the top floor overlooking the canal. On a sunny morning, you could easily see the difference between the rooms on one side of the corridor with light streaming under the doors and those dully sullen on the other. Comfy chairs, marsh-quality soft beds and three British terrestrial channels, which meant I could actually watch the last episode of Whitechapel on ITV1.

Top things for me were the armchairs in front of the fire in the lounge (except when occupied by strange emotional English people) and that one could pour oneself champagne for breakfast. The staff were very nice, too.  T

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