We were in a rush yesterday. The hamster’s been a bit ill this week, so we took her into the vet’s to make sure she was fighting fit again. Vet waiting rooms – with ill rabbits and whining dogs – aren’t the jolliest of places, and they were running 40 minutes late. Also, some selfish person had already done the crossword in the BBC History magazine and got one of the answers spectacularly wrong (there was never a king of Spain called ‘Fransciscii’ (sic), as far as I can recall).

By the time we left (complete with clean bill of hamster health and less £16), and tracked down my parents (or chauffeurs, if you will), we were running ten minutes behind. Having got to the venue and deposited my dad in the bar, we then sat waiting for the wedding co-ordinator for another five minutes.

The long and the short of it is that we’ve now booked the wedding properly, including buffet (easier for picky eaters), string quartet and bridal suite. This despite the distraction of student-aged people outside on the lawn practising historical drama in strange, inflatable hats.  Pleased that everything should be relatively stress free. The only thing we’ll have that’s not provided by the hotel on the day will be the evening band. I assume the registrar is reliable.

We’re on the hunt for a contemporary ceilidh band. Can anyone recommend one?

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