Planning the wedding of the year – the fun begins…

So, now we’ve moved house, time to get on with planning the wedding.

Initially, we were going to go for December, but our preferred venue was booked up, so we’re now on for August, all being fine and dandy after we see the wedding co-ordinator on Saturday. This means we have around 10 months to go and a million and one things to do.

For your amusement, I’ll be keeping you up to date with all the wedding shenanigans from now until August.

We went up to the venue today for their bridal (why always bridal, not groomal?) fair and picked up a whole load of leaflets (except from the wedding video guy, who was give short shrift). Most of the core things are covered by their platinum package, including food, flowers and a string quartet, which makes things a bit easier. We, quite fortunately, came across the registrars and had a momentary panic when we found their diary said they had someone else booked in that day. Turned out to be one of those situations where people have booked things, then not cancelled them when they changed their arrangements, so all was well. Bit of a heart in mouth moment, though.

Very firmly decided against a few things: chair covers, toastmasters and wedding videos. We’re operating on the basis that we really don’t need to stick rigidly to all those little traditions that are followed because they are, rather than for any sensible reason. It’s quite liberating and I highly recommend it.

More next week.

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