Wedding #5: Of ribbons and cravats

As I write, I’m alternately bathing each hand in a solution of warm water and lovelyglubblyflower essence to soothe them after so much cutting of ribbon, folding of card and writing and re-writing of guest lists. Much of the rewriting has occurred because we couldn’t remember what we’d written last time, rather than because we’ve decided that some people aren’t socially acceptable. We’re just making them wear bags over their heads instead.

So. The Dress is now sorted. Not that I can tell you anything about it, because Dan will probably read this, but rest assured it’s traditional enough to please my mother, but that it would allow me to get away with red shoes if I wanted. Or diamante Doc Martins. Still working on that one. Happily, to balance out the expense, the bridesmaids’ dresses have just arrived from Monsoon and are as gorgeous as they looked on Sarah, my elder bridesmaid, when she tried hers on a couple of weeks ago. Electric lime green with heavy embroidery all over the bust section. And yes, we did think of the obvious problem and posted the dress on our Facebook group for guests’ reference.

Down the road in Hatch End from the bridal shop is Impeccable, where my brother got his outfit for his Yr 11 ball. We’re getting all the boys kitted out there (now including my grandfather, who’s the only remaining male ancestor from that generation, so gets special treatment). Dan’s wearing all ivory with mint green embroidery, while his merry men are now wearing plain ivory waistcoats and purple heather (note, not a typo for ‘leather’ – it’s not that kind of wedding) cravats. They were originally wearing green, but there’s no way that green would go with the green of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

The invitations are green as well. It took me ages to explain to everyone why everything has to be green. Fourteen is green. That’s just the way of things. Gotta love synesthesia.

So we’re now at the point where the day-time invitations are nearly all dispatched. Not entirely sure when to start on the evening ones… Maybe just go ahead and amend as necessary later on. Then we have the seating plan to do. Given my mother and I are both teachers, the plan will naturally be informed by prior attainment data and the individual needs of each guest… or for matchmaking purposes. Whichever is more fun.

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