Wedding #9 Getting hitched without a hitch

We’ve now returned from our honeymoon, bringing several months of wedding-related activity to a close. Our wedding day feels like half a world away, given the 10 days in Malta which have gone in-between. The day itself was wonderful, seeing all of the family and friends dearest to us in an amazing setting and having, speech anxiety aside, a huge amount of fun.

The wedding went literally without a hitch. The Grim’s Dyke Hotel were magnificent in their organisation and really let us get on and enjoy our day without any concern for logistics. Everyone was extremely complimentary about the food and arrangements; even an aunt of mine who arranges huge events for a living and can find fault from 500 paces said it was perfectly organised. Praise indeed.

Harrow’s registrars were lovely and ensured the ceremony struck the right balance for our wedding, of it being an important statement of commitment, while also being a day for joy and fun. Again, the registrar led their part of the day, making it stress and hassle free, with us just following the instructions, which by that point was perhaps all we could manage anyway! An undoubted highlight was the always slightly tense question by the registrar asking if anyone knew of any reason why we shouldn’t be married. At this Tara’s father shot a look over his shoulder and the guests crumpled in laughter. Superb comic timing.

The speeches delivered after the wedding breakfast all went down a treat. In our case, we delivered a joint bride and groom speech. This helped give the occasion a flavour that was distinct to us, rather than just following the format of every other wedding, and seemed to go down well with guests.

For the reception we also decided to dispense with the standard crap wedding disco DJ and go for a live band. It took a good deal of research to track down a band that offered the right mix of music that would appeal to all generations present while keeping within our budget, but the Untouchables did that brilliantly, and were received to universal acclaim by everyone there. Covering everything from Elvis to the Goo Goo Dolls (our choice for first dance) is no mean feat but the vocals and music were bang on the money with every track.

Another bonus of having a live band is that it makes for great photos. Another tip of the hat goes to our wedding photographer Neil Palmer whose coverage of the day greeted us as we returned from honeymoon and which looks superb. We’re quite sure that many of the shots will be adorning the mantlepieces and walls of family and friends very shortly. He did a sterling job considering the Harrovian monsoon rains which appeared just as the outdoor group shots were wrapping up.

All in all the wedding was everything that we could have hoped for. Everyone played their part allowing us and our guests to enjoy the day to its fullest and we hope that it was personalised enough for it to hold some great memories for all those who helped us celebrate the day.

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