Wedding#3: Starting the dress hunt

The dress. Yet another thing governed by hideous tradition… almost all of which I’m tempted to reject and go dressed in something Roman and flame-coloured. Possibly with matching Converses. It was so much more sensible in the days when one just wore a really expensive dress and could then wear it again to other things. In fairness, I could do that now, but I have a nagging feeling that later on I might feel that I’d cheated myself out of something unique. There’s always ivory as an alternative to white.

Now, I can’t go mad on dress hunting this week, as my mother’s in Rome and will kill me if I start without her. Having said that, there’s no harm browsing on the internet and thinking “I am NOT wearing THAT!” and “How the hell am I supposed to cost this if they don’t give price estimates?”.

This particular designer is stocked locally and even has price estimates. But they all look the same, no? Or they do to me, anyway. The fashion seems to be paper cornet, strapless with(out) embroidery.


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One thought on “Wedding#3: Starting the dress hunt

  1. One of my everlasting memories of my wedding was the moment I walked into the wedding room. I can still hear how the room went from a ceremonial hush to a wide sound of “ooohhh” from the 70 or so people sitting there. I’m sure none of them expectecd a white frilly number, but not too sure any of them expected the scarlet red fabulousness I was sporting. Don’t worry about tradition for the sake of tradition, go for what is absolutely you. This will hopefully be the only time you’ll ever get to wear your wedding dress – what ever style you chose, white, frilly, blue, pink etc – make sure it’s what you are about, what you love and what you will look back at in the future and still adore just as much.

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